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Forced Lobotomy (5 Year Anniversary)

by Improper Burial

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Disclaimer 00:21
Intro 01:43
Lost Pages 04:34
Im the harbringer of dischord the true answer to our mortal existence we could have saved so many and so much time alter the outcome of universal history instead we wander in the dark forever blind until the uncovering through humanitys suffering within the lost pages lies the truth of life the answers that we all seek now please prepare your mind for the destruction of faith and order the purpose of this existence is do what you wish write within the pages your own realities hold close what you love dont march to their fucking drum it all has to come to an end bring the machine down burn it all down tear down the temple of hatred burn all the texts of falsehood bring down the hammer of justice lets rewrite the book you have to come for yourself and the ones who rely on you fuck cowards who run away this is the dawning of a new day we must carry on and right these wrongs or forever be fucking hung within the forgotten book you write your own truths (x2) orchestrate the future within these lost pages
Fast forward through time armies amassed in a nuclear wasteland crusades in the bitter frost we've come to take it all back from the corruption that now controls this land fighting back with what scraps we have revolution has been a long time coming and with the first shots fired on the central fortress casualties begin to mount bullet riddled bodies to many to count chaos ensues but we only make progress they grow weaker every hour the dawning of a new age grows closer there will be blood with cleansing comes casulties we are the flood there will be blood in the snow we cant be stopped we are the forgotten seeking eternal vengeance WE CAPTURE THERE LEADERS AND ITS LIMB FOR A LIMB WE SPIT BACK THE TASTE OF INJUSTICE IN THEIR FACES COCK-BACK THE HAMMER AND PUT A BULLET...IN THEIR HEAD! now that the smoke has cleared humanity can now march towards enlightenment!
Remembrance 05:35
From the moment we first met we set out to conquer worlds it was you and me the world we knew was ours and as time progressed the paths were chosen and ours were together you were my brother we all believe that the good die young because they burned to bright for us we've had to let go of the ones we love because there destined for bigger things (Their memories!)(the memories) they will remain forever undying locked up untouched inside our minds the legacy will continue no matter what they have now moved on to higher places No matter what they will always be here with us My brother my friend it will always be us until the end my brother my friend it will always be until matter ceases and the universe implodes How can you describe a life in which you saw such hope the devestation gestates it plauges us to the day all the pain..from the fucking depths will all be washed away! how we are supposed to carry on how are we supposed to live without them for all the love and the memories they will never be forgotten every chance of recolection results in personal reflection of undying dreams as nights they come and feelings are passing by, savor it and live your dreams time may pass but the dream never dies thank-you for the strength to carry through to carry through to carry through! RIP Mike Burr and Chaz Michael Parrott
You cant escape the doctors wrath his needle will pierce your cerebrum you will die your lost in time you are now eternally damned now your my slave and youll take it youve shouldve destroyed the killer in me but society accepts this all accepts me destroying humanity your minds erased youve been erased you take it all it all this time you fucking want it you want it, theres no hope for you you cant escape i only wanted to save you but your mental destruction is now mortal you should have realized pray to your god mortal woman for your sins and i will end your life to save your mortal soul
Lesions 03:44
Mari Stellis 06:28


1. Disclaimer
2. Intro
3. Lost Pages
4. Blood In The Snow
5. Remembrance
6. Forced Lobotomy
7. Divinus Bellum
8. The Succulist
9. Lesions
10. Mari Stellis


released December 20, 2013

To everyone that has supported us this wouldn't be possible without you guys.


all rights reserved



Improper Burial Derby, Kansas

Improper Burial
(2013 - 2014)

We wrote and released "Forced Lobotomy" in 2013. We made some awesome memories together and we've decided to re-upload our album for everyone to enjoy due to the recent influx in requests. Enjoy and a special thank-you to everyone who has continued to jam our album all these years. ... more

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